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In 2072, pollution and preemptive nuclear strikes have rendered earth a desolate wasteland. Individual countries no longer exist. Earth is now divided into four quadrants and governed by a new world order that sends Zeta, the chemist, and five other young scientists, led by a former US Marine, to colonize the potentially habitable planet, Arianrhod.

While collecting specimens from the planet, one of the team disappears. The others, believing their commander is responsible, take him prisoner until they can return him to earth. But as they prepare for departure they encounter the alien species that captured their teammate, and find themselves entangled in a space exploration mystery that has persisted for over a century.

Will the team be able to return to earth in time to save the remaining population? Or will they be stranded for eternity on a hostile planet millions of light years from earth?




Praise for Renascence


“Goodison…entertainingly blends the sci-fi and mystery genres here; though Sigma’s death is made clear before long, other puzzles arise to be solved. Complicated strands in the plot include the early space race, the environment, and class/power struggles; these issues add thoughtfulness to the book’s exciting action scenes. Goodison keeps readers guessing about Reynard, OWL, their real motives, and how this can all possibly work out until the final pages. …Goodison’s characterization is well drawn, and Zeta becomes an admirable heroine, a tough, smart cookie with a good moral center. A thoughtful and eventful sci-fi mystery that satisfies.”Kirkus Reviews

“Goodison has created a fascinating and gripping novel by combining elements of space exploration, intelligent alien life, and the future possibilities of Earth’s demise. …Goodison offers a level of believability throughout the novel that makes the reader wonder what, if anything, we are doing to save Earth now. Could this realistically be our future? The author’s tale is a fast-paced page turner where each chapter leaves one wanting to know more and keeping the interest level high throughout the entire novel. Goodison has created the characters in her story to be very mysterious in both their private lives and on the mission. The reader must figure out who can be trusted and who cannot as the narrative moves toward its surprise ending.” The US Review of Books. RECOMMENDED.

“Readers who anticipate an apocalyptic survival story alone will be surprised at the wider reach of Renascence, but its delight lies in its ability to move its plot well beyond the borders of any anticipated story about space exploration, survival, or recolonization. Sci-fi followers looking for different twists with the addition of a healthy double dose of history and mystery will be well pleased with a story that holds no obvious direction right up to its surprising conclusion in a production that will leave readers thinking long past the final pages.” —D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review



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