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Leigh Goodison grew up in British Columbia, Canada and became a US citizen in 2002. She is the author of The Jigsaw Man (2015) a medical thriller, Wild Ones (2014), a young adult novel, the nonfiction handbook The Horse Trailer Owner's Manual (2012), and Goodies from the Great White North (2013), a recipe book/cooking memoir.

Over the past 30 years, Leigh's short stories, essays and poetry have appeared in Bronte Street, ByLine, Lighthouse, The Oregonian, Lake Oswego Review, and many more. Her articles have appeared in Western Horseman, The Northwest Horse Source, Horse Circuit News, Northwest Rider, Rider's Roundup, NW Family Magazine, Footsteps, Bronte Street, Lighthouse, and ByLine, to name just a few.

Leigh also produces DVDs and videos on horse trailer repair.  She has been the Managing Editor of The Willamette Writer since 1994. She has owned horses since she was eight-years-old and has two purebred Arabian horses, a palomino Quarab and an Anglo-Arab. Currently she lives in Washington state.

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