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Books in print by Leigh Goodison. Her third medical thriller, The Manipulators, is scheduled to be released in 2018.

The Jigsaw Man

ISBN-13: 978-0692534212

What if you woke up one day looking like a completely different person? Could you live with the consequences? Or would the trauma turn you into a psychopathic killer?

After Dr. Thea Donovan performs reconstructive facial surgery on severely injured fireman Malcolm Dean, she is ecstatic with the results. The Reflesh procedure she pioneered with software guru Erik Sorenson far exceeds her expectations. There’s just one problem: the patient doesn’t agree. In fact, the surgery altered his appearance to such an extent that it seems to have changed his personality from a caring, bereaved father and husband, to a man with psychopathic tendencies. And when a series of unsolved murders point toward Malcolm Dean, Thea must confront the possibility that she has inadvertently created a killer.


Wild Ones

ISBN-13: 978-0615981581

Stark School is unlike anywhere else 16-year-old foster child Breeze Jordan has lived since her mother died. The people actually seem to care about you here. At first, Breeze is wary: Stark has prison-like qualities, but the benefits far outweigh any drawbacks. Breeze and her misfit roommates, who call themselves the Stark Raving Lunatics, manipulate the staff to make it their personal kingdom. But then disaster strikes: a new foster home is found for Breeze.

Giving herself the summer to mastermind a return, she enlists the help of Jared, the cute but elusive boy next door. Then her foster parents are arrested on trumped up Federal charges and Breeze must decide where her loyalties lie: with her new foster family and Jared, or her old friends at Stark. But upon her return to Stark School, Breeze discovers that nothing, including herself, will ever be the same.


The Horse Trailer Owner's Manual

ISBN-13:  978-0615725734

The Horse Trailer Owner's Manual, from "The Secret Lives of Horse Trailers" series, is designed to educate the reader about the basic structure and major working components of horse trailers. It also teaches how to properly maintain trailers. Included are maintenance schedules, lists of essential items, handy tips and troubleshooting help.  
The indispensable information presented here could prevent you from buying a lemon, save thousands of dollars in needless repairs, and help you communicate with repair personnel. The safety information could help prevent injury to yourself, your horse and other motorists.


Goodies From the Great White North

ISBN-13: 978-0615628158

Goodies From the Great White North, Recipes for Dinners, Delicacies and Disasters, is a collection of more than 70 of the author's favorite Canadian recipes spiced with hilarious and poignant essays of epic cooking fails.



ISBN-13: 978-1945136047

Psychiatrist Rand Morrissey is faced with a quandary when he is consulted on the baffling case of five-year-old Sienna, who has been suffering from unexplained fainting spells. Then he discovers that Sienna has a half-sister, Chelsa, who has been in a coma since a car accident six years earlier, something the girls' manipulative mother Melanie Cantrell has kept secret.

When she is questioned under hypnosis, Sienna reveals things only Chelsa could have known. Rand begins to suspect that Melanie is machinating Sienna's problems. Or is she? Now Rand must overcome his own childhood demons and find a way to save the lives of two half-sisters, inextricably tethered between life and death.



ISBN-13: 978-1945136191

In 2072, pollution and preemptive nuclear strikes have rendered earth a desolate wasteland. Individual countries no longer exist. Earth is now divided into four quadrants and governed by a new world order that sends Zeta, the chemist, and five other young scientists, led by a former US Marine, to colonize the potentially habitable planet, Arianrhod.

While collecting specimens from the planet, one of the team disappears. The others, believing their commander is responsible, take him prisoner until they can return him to earth. But as they prepare for departure they encounter the alien species that captured their teammate, and find themselves entangled in a space exploration mystery that has persisted for over a century.

Will the team be able to return to earth in time to save the remaining population? Or will they be stranded for eternity on a hostile planet millions of light years from earth?


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